Zara Activewear Collection


Zara Activewear Collection

Price, variety, and diversity are some of the key players when deciding my favorite stores. You can’t imagine how stokes I was this morning when I found out about the launch of Zara’s Activewear Collection!!

At first glance its minimal, yet still trendy. I am obsessed with the overall color scheme – black, grey, and white with neon accents. The collection includes your standard work out necessities (bras, tops, bottoms), yoga gear, sneakers, cute accessories, and a couple of really out there, random pieces that definitely take guts to pull off. I’m especially impressed with their sneaker collection. I honestly want a pair of each!

The ultimate test, however, for Zara’s activewear line is in the leggings. Ladies, you know how difficult it is to find leggings that aren’t see through. I wonder if the activewear body sculpting leggings are the same as the regular ones? I’m going to order them and give them a try. If they pass the test – this will be a major game changer.

Below are some of my favorite pieces!

I really love this sport’s bra. I do wonder if the semi turtle neck would get uncomfortable while working out. Either way it’s super cute.

This sport’s bra is a bit more “basic” compared to the first one, but I think its a bit more functional and I still love the mesh back detail.

I would never wear these white stan-smith style sneakers at the gym, but still super cute. I actually stopped into Zara last night and tried them on. Although I did not love them enough to buy them (I’ve been eyes a pair of black and white adidas), they were still cute and affordable. Make sure you size down 1/2 size, they run a bit big!

Neon FTW. I love everything about this neon winbreaker. Its especially practical for the windy Cali evenings or after an intense work out when you’re nice and sweaty!

I don’t know how functional this light grey bodysuit would actually be for yoga. If it has enough support for the lady assets and is not see through, I need it in my wardrobe. It looks incredibly comfortable.

Ahh – here they are. The leggings. Simple and affordable. Will they pass the see through test is the question…

This white crop top reminds me of 90s workout video. I dont know if I would actually buy it, but I think its really cute. One of those need-to-try-on things.

I need these braided sneakers in my life. Lets hope my name makes it through the waitlist.

I’ll let you guys know how the pieces I go with work out.
xx, Arta

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