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Wearing white after Labor Day has always been a controversial fashion faux pas. While some ladies will strictly put their crisp white tees and sundresses away after Labor Day Weekend, others aren’t afraid to break the rules. Well, I want to know who the hell makes the rules, anyway.
According the the Emily Post Institute, the rule was introduced to the US in the 20th century when “summer season was bracketed by Memorial Day and Labor Day,” and city folks swapped their thick winter layers for lighter, whiter fabrics. So, uh, why can’t I wear white after Labor Day?

For me, its not about whether you break the rules or not, its about how you do it. I genuinely believe there are ways to NOT wear white after Labor Day and also ways to get away with it and look damn good doing it. My favorite pieces are definitely white denim and white tees, but today I’ll be showing you guys how I style my white jeans and giving you guys some tips on perfecting the art wearing white after Labor Day.

For this look, I went with my J Brand white raw hem white jeans. I paired the denim with my camo Zadig & Voltaire sweater (similar here and here) and brown All Saints boots (similar ON SALE).


1. Be conscious of FABRICS.
If you take one thing away from this post, let this be it. Don’t wear paper-thin skinny jeans or linen anything. Avoid chiffon, silk (you CAN get away with a off-white and cream silk), or anything really loose and flowy. Go for thick denim, sweaters, and tees that can be layered.

A nice sweater is always one of my go-to’s for white jeans. It will give it more of a Fall and Winter feel. If you want to go the silk top route, pair it with a thick maxi cardigan and some skinny jeans! Basically, if your going to wear white jeans, make sure the rest of your outfit isn’t summery at all. (which brings me to my next point ;))


2. ACCESSORIES are what make white work in cooler seasons.

Wearing white jeans with boots is a great example and one of my favorite tricks – skip the flip flops or sandals. Flats might even be too much. (and yes I do feel like shoes can be considered and accessory) A velvet choker is another perfect accessory for white. Maybe even a fur vest? Think cold weather accessories.


3. SOFT COLORS make white blend in.
I feel like a black sweater or really dark colors can sometimes make the white look too bright and awkward. Wearing white after labor day should feel warm and cozy. Try it with light browns, beiges, off-whites, dusty pink, and other variations of white that are a little bit easier on the eye. I don’t think its impossible to pair white with darker colors, I just think its a bit harder to make it work. If you’ve done it successfully, I would LOVE to see your look!

So there you have it ladies! What do you think? Are you going to try wearing white after Labor Day?

xx, AF


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