Turmeric Mask


Arta Fact #6: Turmeric Masks Will Transform Your Skin

I absolutely swear by home-made turmeric masks. They are my savior when I am breaking out and my go-to for maintaining clear skin. I have tried hundreds of store-bought and DIY masks, and this one just seems to take the cake every single time. The thing I love about DIY masks is that you can really customize them to suit your skin type. As long as you read up on each ingredient and how it will affect your skin, you can pretty much have a field day! Turmeric is an ingredient that has been known to keep skin young, fresh, and beautiful in Indian culture since forever ago. But really – it’s beneficial to all skin types. It helps with clear acne scars, reduce inflammation, and is also anti-bacterial. It evens out your skin tone over time and is also great for balancing the oil in your skin. I could go on about the benefits for hours, but just trust me when I say this WILL help you. Ok now for the good stuff!

Greek Yogurt, Organic Raw Honey, Turmeric, and Cinnamon

Feel free to add or take away any ingredients. I usually also add Rose Water and Tea Tree Oil, but I didn’t have any left! Turmeric Mask Ingredients 1. Greek Yogurt is great for reducing redness and swelling. One tablespoon It cools your face down, feels so nice, and is usually what I use as a base for my face masks. I have read that the fat in whole milk yogurt is better than nonfat yogurt. I am not 100% sure how big the difference is and don’t think its really a big one since I used nonfat yogurt, but I do like the consistency of whole milk yogurt more. Whole Greek Yogurt 2. Ground Turmeric – the holy grail. One teaspoon

Turmeric is notorious for staining things yellow

but have no fear, there is a solution. When you wash your mask off, rinse with warm water and use a fresh towel you don’t mind staining a little. If you need to get the yellow off that night, use a toner and you should be good to go. However, I feel like that removes all of the amazing stuff I just put on my skin. I honestly just wash and dry my face and apply moisturizer. I make sure to shower the next morning and use face wash. This way, the ingredients have all night to absorb into my skin. Turmeric 3. Organic Raw Honey is great for your skin. One tablespoon You would think that because of the stickiness, it would cause acne, but its actually antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so it works great for oily and acne-prone skin. Raw Honey 4. A dash of cinnamon. I don’t have a picture of this, but just sprinkle a little bit on there – not too much. Mix it all up! The consistency should be paste-y. Turmeric Mask 5. Leave this on until it is dry, about 20-30 minutes. I leave mine on for hours sometimes if I am home relaxing. It will only benefit your skin. If you’re nervous about the clean-up being messy, which it kind of is, just hop in the shower when you are all ready. Enjoy xx Let me know what you think! DIY Turmeric Mask


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