5 Tips to Keep Your New Years Goals Alive

January is such a busy month and also a really exciting and motivating one. Its so great to see everyone come into the New Year reenergized, ready to kill their goals, and of course, showing off all the new goodies they scored over the holidays.

As I mentioned in my last post, January is also a catch22 month. Although most start off strong, its easy to fall behind as the year goes on. Its happened to all of us, myself included. And while its obvious we don’t necessarily WANT to lose motivation, life has a way of derailing us from things that were once important to us. We go from being on top, to barely getting by.

To help you (and myself) keep up, I’ve put together a list of 5 tips to keep your New Years goals alive.

1. Get specific 

Goals can be so overwhelming. For example, I want to be in shape. WTF do that even mean? Do you want to have a 6 pack? Do you want to be able to run a marathon? Or do you just want to get your body fat percentage below a certain number? The more specific you are, the easier it will be to map out achieve your goals. Chances are, the roadmap for getting a 6pack is different than running a marathon.

2. Break it down

Ok so just because you know what you want, doesn’t mean you know how to get there. Once you define your goal, break it down into small, bite-size steps. I.e. If you want to have a 6 pack, you can do 100 leg raises and crunches every day and pre plan your meals.

Alternatively, if you care about being a successful blogger, you’ll want to set goals like posting 2 articles and 5 Instagram posts a week. Along with getting featured on another blogger’s site 2x a quarter and other small things that will help you gain traction and be successful. Once you start making smaller goals, they seem much more attainable and less scary.

3. Find your motivators

This one is a biggie. You need to find what moves you. Everyone’s motivators are different so what works for you might not work for someone else and vice versa. For instance, seeing successful bloggers all over my feed is a huge motivator. I know that if I work hard and stay consistent, there’s no doubt in my mind I will get there. If they did it, why can’t I? That’s why I’m up at 1am writing this post! Find something that fuels you and gets you excited. When you’re feeling a lack of motivation, go back to this. Whether it be a vision board, a movie, a person you look up to, anything! Really think about what drives you and leverage the hell out of it.

4. Don’t burn out

Listen to your mind and your body. If you need a tiny break or have to make small compromises, don’t beat yourself up about it. If you don’t give yourself ANY leeway, you’re goals will turn into chores. And we all know we don’t need anymore of those! The key here is to not let yourself slack off too much, but to also love yourself enough to know when to pump the breaks. If you post on your blog every single Tuesday, but get home Monday night and pass out – its okay. Publish your post on Weds or Thurs. Give yourself a break or you will burn out and hate your goals.

5. Hold yourself accountable 

This is where small goals come into play. At the end of each month, look back at your small and large goals and ask yourself, “Where do I need to step up to the plate and where did I kill it?” Dive into WHY you might be slacking and brainstorm ways to fix that. Also, don’t feel bad about patting yourself on the back for staying on top of it! So many people are worried about “bragging” or feeling pompous, but you just worked your ass off for these achievements – why hide them?!

Hope these tips help you kill it in 2018! As my yoga instructor tonight said, “Do it Differently in 2018”. So if you’ve never kept up with your dreams in the past, now is the time to start!

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