Three Reasons Networking and Collaboration are a Good Idea

forever 21 statement coats

So here we are…literally just sitting here laughing our asses off trying to figure out how to even start this thing.

If you follow us on Instagram, ya’ll know that we recently collaborated on a shoot with some cute Forever 21 statement coats and Topshop LBD’s. Make sure to check out Jess’s blog, Chic & Disheveled, for the rest of photos! We were hanging one day when we looked at each other and were like – “Uh, WTF… like why haven’t we collaborated yet?!”

But again, collabs can be more of the exception than the rule. As a blogger it can hard to tear yourself away from the screen to actually get some real face time with your fellow virtual peeps. Today we are sharing three reasons networking and collaboration are  good idea for your mind, body, soul and business.

You find Out About Sick Deals

Two heads and  more importantly twenty fingers are better than 10…meaning two power shoppers looking for good sales and new shops are better than searching the net solo when your ballin’ on a budget.

“I was always the WORST vintage shopper. It was so crazy and intimidating for me. Jess brought me to Goodwill and literally! I ended up killing it (for $24) and have scored so many vintage finds since.” – Arta

“Arta and I were hanging out at her house when she started telling me about two sick statement coats she scored at Forever 21 for under $30. Then she proceeded to whip out a dark green ink faux leather and shearling jacket and a camel colored fabulous looking teddy coat.” – Jess

You Might Make a New Friend

Collaborations are not only a business opportunity – they are a great way to make new friends. Shared interests are a great way to get to know your fellow girlbosses and creatives.

“When you’re starting something new, its normal to feel stuck and awkward. Having a friend in the industry to bounce ideas off of, not judge you for taking flat lays of your meal [and theirs], and come with you to scary, big networking events eases the growing pains!” – Arta

“It has been so fun to get out of my house and talk to a real person, and not just my dog Brooklyn (no offense girl) – but seriously, getting out of the house to meet my virtual girl gang in real life is one of my fave parts of the week and not just for the coffee!” – Jess

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You Push Eachother (in a Good Way)

When you network and collaborate it pushes you to get out of your comfort zone by meeting new people, trying new things and being open to ideas and opportunities that you won’t get sitting by yourself at the coffee shop listening to your new Spotify playlist.

“There’s something to be said being open minded to other’s ideas. As a blogger or creative, you have this vision and its your baby, so its hard to let others change that. Yet, there was never a time I regretted trying something new or stepping out of my comfort zone. In fact its quite the opposite.” – Arta

“I love seeing my fellow bloggers post really good photos because it shows me what is possible and gives me such great inspiration, not only in my craft but stylistically speaking. I also love bouncing ideas off of fellow creatives and coming up with helpful tips and tricks for our readers, its life-saving when you are beating your head against a wall with an incurable case of writers block.” – Jess

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all black forever 21 collaboration networking bloggers fashion all black forever 21 collaboration networking

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all black topshop collaboration networking bloggers

all black jimmy choo collaboration networking blogger

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