Can’t Resist The Fuzz | 4 Reasons You Need A Teddy Coat

Comfort and style have never been closer. From track pants to kitten heels, practical fashion is becoming a trend in itself (and thank goodness honestly). While I’m completely on board with all things comfy and stylish, my favorite trend, by far, has been the teddy coat trend. This cuddly and cozy piece has come to the epicenter of Winter fashion and I seriously could not be happier. I feel so chic and bad ass when I wear mine.

Aside from looking like the life-size teddy bear sold at Costco (if you know, you know), there are a ton of reasons to add-to-cart a teddy coat, right NOW. Check them out below!


1. Warm & Practical

For the most part, teddy coats are insanely warm. Nothing says warmth like being covered in fuzz. Your teddy coat will make you want to go into serious hibernation. They’re perfect for perusing the streets while  on vacation or simply walking to the office. If you’re somewhere warm but can’t resist the fuzz, wear your teddy coat with a skirt or dress.

2. Statement Piece

A good teddy coat will elevate any basic b outfit. From jeans and a tee to leggings and an oversized hoodie,   it’ll add a whole new level of chic and street style to your look. This goes for both day and night outfits. For my look, I paired my teddy coat with a white button down, jeans, and my vintage fanny. I tend to wear it with pretty simple outfits and let the fuzz steal the show.

3. Faux Fur

I would be lying if I told you I didn’t own any leather or fur, but I will always opt for faux when possible. What that also means is no biting the bullet on the real shearling aka a much more affordable option.This is where I spill the beans and tell you I bought mine last year for $25 at Forever21. Big, big win, ladies!


4. Versatile Styles

No two teddy coats are the same. Chances are you can find whatever jacket style suits your style best in a teddy version. Fashion has made just about every coat style into a teddy coat – aviators, bombers, peacoats, and double breasted alike.

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