3 Tips for Styling Over The Knee Boots

Over the knee boots have been all the rage as of late. From fashion icons to major brands, everyone seems to be on board with this trend. OTK boots are bold, sexy, and –errr lets face it — not that easy to style without looking like a pirate hooker. While we all love Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, its understandable to prefer a less edgy approach for your everyday look. They’re definitely a statement piece and when styled right, can be a total head turner. Check out some tips I put to help you guys nail this look.
1. High Necklines, Long Sleeves, Turtlenecks
Although OTK boots aren’t necessarily revealing, they add an extreme element of sexiness to any look. High necklines, long sleeves, and turtlenecks will balance this out and give you so much flexibility on what bottoms you can wear. Opt for a skirt, leggings, or jeans – all of them will work.

2. Oversized or Long Coats
If you prefer rocking your over the knee boots with a dress or a lower neckline, an oversized coat will complete your look. Try a big, fuzzy statement coat or even an oversized bomber for a super cool girl outfit. Any long coat that suits your style will work – a trench coat, wool coat, A line peacoat.

3. Skinny Jeans
Skinnies are probably the easiest, most casual way to wear over the knee boots. You’ve got free reigns on wearing any type of top – a silky spaghetti cami, a band tee, or even a cute sweater. The jean + boot combo will elongate your stems 🙂

My Look

I followed my own tip here and wore a turtleneck bodysuit and aztec print skirt with my over the knee boots. I love mixing blacks and browns and the printed skirt was a perfect way to blend the two.

My OTK boots have been on repeat lately. Most recently, I wore them with denim jeans and a black sweater with leather detailing for a casual day running errands and doing some work at a coffee shop. I also happen to be wearing these boots with a sweater dress when Ramsey proposed (HA!)!


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