Styling a Cropped Hoodie

cropped hoodie trend

Lately, comfy has been the name of the game in fashion.  From ditching stilettos for slippers to exchanging dress pants for sweatpants, fashionistas are taking comfort to a new level. It’s every lazy girl’s dream. Seeing all the creative ways women style sweatpants and sweatshirts has been so inspirational!  One movement I’m 100% on board with is the cropped hoodie trend.

More often than not, you see a cropped hoodie styled with yoga pants and a cute pair of workout sneakers. While I love this look and am guilty of sporting it myself (too often), there are so many other ways to dress up this comfortable piece.

The cropped hoodie will work with almost anything high-waisted. From jeans to skirts, use your personal style to get creative.

My Look

My cropped hoodie is from Kill Em With Chic. I love empowering pieces and nothing says #girlboss like a “chicks with checks” hoodie. Since moving away from all my friends and family in NYC and quitting my job to pursue my dreams, I’ve learned the importance of channeling my energy towards finding ways to make money and be become more successful. This hoodie reminds me of just that.

I styled my hoodie with a leather skirt and black high-top converse. The skirt is more feminine and edgy, while the hoodie and converse add in a tomboy element – just how I like it.

What do you think of this trend? How do you style your crop?


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