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Trump’s trump over the US of A in last night’s presidential election was a shock and a disappointment to a lot of people. Though I myself voted for Hillary, the reality of the situation is that the majority of our country did, in fact, want Trump to be president. The people spoke. We got what we deserved. We MUST move forward. Even Hillary Clinton said it after her loss, “We must give Trump a chance to lead”
Let’s stop right there … This post isnt about my political views. This is about your sanity. In this dark time, its crucial remain positive and maintain personal happiness. Whatever is meant to happen in these 4 years will happen so ranting, arguing, and filling yourself with anger and negativity will just cause you to hurt yourself and others. It’s not healthy. With that, I want to share a few of my tips and tricks on staying sane after the presidential election.

1. Go To The Gym – Don’t Forget Your Headphones!

LET IT OUT! The gym is a great place to let out your aggression and negative energy. Whether it be yoga, kick boxing, weight training, or anything else – go do something GOOD for yourself rather than using your energy on negativity. Don’t forget, bring a pair of headphones and blast some music so you can tune out all the political chatter around you.

2. Turn Off Social and News For A Bit

Its hard not to get caught up in other’s opinions, rants and posts. As an American, we are given the right and encouraged to let our opinions be known by the world. Its fine to have an opinion, but its also utterly exhausting to constantly read what everyone has to say. So many feels, so many words, so much hostility towards each other. You’ll lose your mind!!! Give it a rest. In a world where social and media rule, we need to also learn to put these things down sometimes.

3. Face Reality

This is a hard one, but its super important in moving forward with an open mind and open heart. I know it sounds insane. I know it seems impossible but let the reality sink in. He is president. That is it. The world has not ended yet. We don’t know how poorly or greatly he will rule and we will take one step at a time. We cannot dwell on what MIGHT happen. Don’t forget, we’ve had horrible presidents in the past. America didn’t explode, we didn’t all die. Things could be better, but they could also be worse. Lets put SOME trust in our checks and balances as a government. Lets try out best to understand everything WILL BE OKAY!

Sending love and positive vibes everyone’s way today.


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