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rust off the shoulder dress

Although most of us fall victim to wearing black through all four seasons, the warmer weather always serves as an inspiration to swap in some brighter hues. Unfortunately, bright colors can be hard to rock and I usually opt for only a pop of color when adding anything bright into my ootd mix. I was in need for a color lighter than black, but darker than…bright? When I discovered this rust dress from Berkley Elleven, I was so stoked. My color dilemma prayers were answered. Rust is the totally the new black in my book. Why did it take me so long to realize it’s the perfect color?

Rust is not black, but still on the dark end; its more colorful than a brown, but still not as bright as a red. Insanely enough, it works with just about any other color – cool, warm/neutral, AND bright tones [check out the difference in the shots below]. Anddd best of all, it looks so damn good with a tan. Basically rust is the low key holy grail of color.

rust dress spring style rust dress boho chic

[Cool Tones]

My Look 

I had such a hard deciding how to style this look! My go-to black hat and boots tempted me, but I ended up digging how the dress looked with a neck scarf. I paired this adorable rust dress with a floral dusty pink neck scarf, brown wool hat, and brown open-toe booties. I threw in all sorts of fun accessories like my leather cuff, an oversized green ring, a vintage stone ring, and my usual suspect bracelets.

P.S I realized after that you can also wear this dress as a tube top! Ugh –  made me love this piece 10x more.

rust dress off the shoulder berkley elleven rust dress boho festival style

[Bright Colors]

I tied in both neutrals (my hat and boots) and a pop of color (my scarf) with this outfit and the rust blended well with both. Even when shooting this, Ramsey and I used such a diverse mix of backgrounds and the dress looked incredible both ways!

I’ll be adding a lot more rust into my wardrobe. The next on my hit list is a silk cami and trench coat!

What colors are you replacing black with this year??

rust dress over the shoulder rust dress berkley elleven rust dress off the shoulder spring style [Neutral/ Warm Colors]


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