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Picking the perfect Thanksgiving Outfit is all gravy, baby

Thanksgiving – the holiday for cranberry sauce, carbs, and food comas – and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love the weather, an excuse to eat comfort food, and an extra reason to be around my family. This year, Ramsey and I are spending time in Philly and New York and I am so stoked. I have a TON of cousins I can’t wait to see. This also means lots of girls and cute outfits! We love getting dressed up and checking out each other’s looks, but we also all love to eat…a LOT! It’s only natural that we’d find a way to do both (we’re women, its what we do 😉 ). After years of experience and mastering the art, I’ve put together some do’s and dont’s to help you pull together the perfect Thanksgiving outfit and still eat all the food your belly desires.


DO: Wear something flow-y like a cardigan or sweater dress
DONT: Go for a blazer or pieces that are “stiff”

DO: Spice up your Thanksgiving sweater with some cute bottoms
DONT: Even think about those skin-tight jeans

DO: Dress warm – with layers
DONT: forget about the simple tank underneath! This will be a lifesaver when your sweating by the fire place.


For my Thanksgiving outfit this year, I’m going to wear my huge, comfy burgundy sweater and a pair of black silk shorts. These are both from Zadig & Voltaire – one of my favorite French brands. You can’t see it, but I have a black tank (here) underneath so I can take off my sweater whenever I feel those meat sweats coming in ;). I completed the look with my favorite pointed chelsea boots and my studded mini purse.

If it’s cold where you’ll be, a pair of leather biker leggings (here) or stocking + leg warmers (here) (SUCH a sucker for anything 90s related) would look great. Think about how cute a faux fur vest (here) would even be?! UGH! I’m way too excited for Fall vibes in the East Coast and being here during my favorite time of year. Living in San Diego, colder seasons are definitely not experienced the same.

Do you have a go-to Thanksgiving look? What are you wearing this year?






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