Paisley in Lake Arrowhead

I had a really busy weekend this past week and it turns out that the photos I took of what I wanted to post did not come out at all as I had imagined. They will need a re-do this weekend when the lighting is better, but that is life 🙂 The struggles of trying to take quality images on an iphone after prime natural sunlight hours have passed are really starting to kick in. I have a hard time getting clear pictures after work, so my time frame to shoot photos is unfortunately limited. Im working on it people. This whole project has been incredibly fun, but also a huge learning experience and work-in-progress.
I am going to kick it back to a #tbt of when I was in Lake Arrowhead this past summer. Arrowhead is such a beautiful place to visit and a small fix if you can’t make it up to Lake Tahoe. Even in the summer, the weather is a bit cooler than regular Southern Cali weather, so for the most part you will need a little jacket.

This paisley jumpsuit was a bit outside of my comfort zone. I loved the patterns and thought it was really cute and comfortable, but in the kind of way you can admire and appreciate someone else wearing it, not yourself. Anyone who knows me knows that I love neutrals; so when my boyfriend insisted on buying this jumpsuit for me, I cringed a little. It is now one of my go-to pieces when running around in warm weather – funny how that happens. I found this bad boy in a tiny boutique in Venice Beach called Rad Hippie for a whopping $30. I couldn’t find them on her site, but here is a similar one that is just as cute and comfy!

This denim jacket is actually my mom’s from when she first moved to America. It is vintage Calvin Klein and supersedes the quality and look of any denim jacket I have seen to date. It is one of my favorite pieces ever. I found this pretty sweet Levi’s one here .

Paisley Jumpsuit lake arrowhead

Paisley Jumpsuit lake arrowhead

Paisley Jumpsuit lake arrowhead


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