Your Water Could Be Making You Sick | Benefits of pH Balanced Water

pH balanced water core hydration alkaline

Not all water is created equal. Whether you’re drinking it or washing your face, the type of water you use makes a big difference. I’ve touched base on this in the past, if you remember my post on filtered shower heads and why they’re so important. Today I’ll be sharing my love affair and current obsession with pH balanced water. All drinking water ranges in pH […]

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Styling Leather Slippers: The Gucci Look for Less

Slides, slippers, mules, slip-ons – whatever you want to call them – have been by far one of my favorite trends lately. Gucci’s release of their leather slippers ultimately set the trend into full swing and it’s been going strong since. Thank you, FASHUN! I’m all about keeping things casual & cool and leather slippers do just that. I mean, come on, how awesome is […]

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3 Tips and Exercises on How To Get Abs

how to get abs

You’re reading this post thinking, “Damn, I really want to get abs”. Although abs can be a little hard to see sometimes, everyone has them! Yes, you 😉 With proper nutrition and working out, yours too will slowly make their way to the front stage. I’m not here to give you the big secret or gimmick, it doesn’t exist. Getting your […]

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Styling a Cropped Hoodie

cropped hoodie trend

Lately, comfy has been the name of the game in fashion.  From ditching stilettos for slippers to exchanging dress pants for sweatpants, fashionistas are taking comfort to a new level. It’s every lazy girl’s dream. Seeing all the creative ways women style sweatpants and sweatshirts has been so inspirational!  One movement I’m 100% on board with is the cropped hoodie trend. More often than not, […]

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Sunset Cliffs Photoshoot with Adam

This photoshoot was my first ever sunrise shoot. Between the colors and the clouds, it was way different than shooting during golden hour. I met Adam for our Sunset Cliffs photoshoot at about 5:30am. This meant waking up at 4am to get ready – oy! If you haven’t been to the cliffs yet, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s one of […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Shot

A tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar a day keeps the doctor away. While it might not be as tasty as an apple, the health benefits of ACV supersede that of an apple, by far. On a day to day, ACV detoxes your body, improves your digestion, and helps with allergies. Its a super food to say the least. Buy it raw and […]

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Timeless Valentine’s Day Look

Valentines day look heart tee

Whether its a hot new date, a long time romance, or a galentine’s kind of night, putting a Valentine’s Day look together can be tricky. There’s a fine line between being be too cheesy and being the anti Valentine’s Day sore loser. While reds and pinks will always be classic, they aren’t the only way to add a little Vday […]

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Free People Boho Shoot with Chris David

Free People Califoria Crochet Dress

My style tends to sway back and forth. In the fall and winter, my inner NYC edge comes out. Give me all the leather and black and it wouldn’t be enough. However, as soon as warmer seasons hit, I live in all things Free People and embrace my inner boho hippie. This shoot was with a local San Diego photographer, Chris David. I really enjoy his […]

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