Can’t Resist The Fuzz | 4 Reasons You Need A Teddy Coat

Comfort and style have never been closer. From track pants to kitten heels, practical fashion is becoming a trend in itself (and thank goodness honestly). While I’m completely on board with all things comfy and stylish, my favorite trend, by far, has been the teddy coat trend. This cuddly and cozy piece has come to the epicenter of Winter fashion and I seriously […]

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The Accessory of the Season | The Beret

For years, wide brim hats have crushed any other hat trend looking to take the spotlight. While I do love mine, I am so stoked to see a classic (and definitely more practical) accessory step back into the spotlight. Enter the beret. Origins The beret first came about in Spain and France in the 18th century. It was mostly worn by men as a part of […]

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3 Stylish & Comfortable Holiday Looks

You guys, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Today is actually my third Thanksgiving dinner this week and I’m not complaining at all. Its my all time favorite holiday. Since moving to California, I’ve really learned to appreciate these moments. I mean, what’s better than eating delicious food and spending quality time with your friends and family?! I was originally going to post a holiday look […]

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Track Pants Trend | How to Wear Them

who what wear target red bag chic

Athleisure is hardly considered a trend anymore. Mesh kicks, bombers, and joggers are now staples in our closets, but there’s also a new atheisure trend coming in hot this season. Track pants. Being that I spent half of my childhood wearing them, I have super soft spot for them. One thing I love most is that the track pants trend has proved […]

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Transitioning to Winter | Layer Your Summer Top

From pearls to embroidery to stripes and, of course, all things off-the-shoulder, fashion killed it in the cute top department this summer. Seeing so much creativity and playfulness in the cuts and embellishments has been a huge source of inspiration for me lately. And although it’s getting cold out, I haven’t been quite ready to retire my summer tops. Layering Your Summer Top The key […]

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Fall Uniform | Velvet Blazer & Mules

fall trend blazer mules agolde j crew hermes belt

A good blazer is every lazy girl’s secret to looking effortlessly chic. Growing up in NYC, I was constantly surrounded by bad-ass women dressed to the 9s, often layering their look with a blazer. Whether it’s colorful, checked, or plain black (like mega-babe Song of Style), a good blazer is the perfect finishing touch to any look. This season, blazers […]

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3 Tips for Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

getting out of comfort zone tobi cropped hoodie street style

In fashion and in life, comfort is a fine line. Too much of it will suck your passion and creativity dry, making personal growth nearly impossible. I mean, c’mon, is there anything worse than falling victim to your own comfort zone? Personal growth is uncomfortable, intimidating, and awkward. If it were that easy, we’d all be effing superstars (not that […]

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Chilling in Chambray

chambray dress tobi street style

Like its denim sister, chambray is the best excuse for a colorful neutral. WTF is a colorful neutral, you ask? It isn’t quite any shade of black, white, or brown, but still goes with all of the above. Its basically one of fashion’s greatest contributions to society. While denim has been a huge part of my wardrobe since I could […]

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COLORFUL AF | Rust Is The New Black

rust off the shoulder dress

Although most of us fall victim to wearing black through all four seasons, the warmer weather always serves as an inspiration to swap in some brighter hues. Unfortunately, bright colors can be hard to rock and I usually opt for only a pop of color when adding anything bright into my ootd mix. I was in need for a color lighter than black, but darker than…bright? When I discovered […]

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