Mixing Wardrobes: Winter to Spring

mixing wardrobes winter to spring spring to summer

Mixing wardrobes allows for fun, creative, and multi-functional looks.

I’m usually out of the house from the ass crack of dawn until the late evening, so I need to make sure my outfit works for the entire day. Comfortable and cute are key. If you’re like me, your body temp is forever fluctuating. Freezing, blue skin to bright red and sweating REAL QUICK. There is nothing worse than being being uncomfortable and not having options while you’re out.

Mixing wardrobes is a great way to put together “all day” outfits. Layering properly is so important. Shorts and boots, dresses and chunky sweaters, skirts and military jackets – that sort of thing. The secret to success with mixing wardrobes is playing with textures, lengths, and fabric. If you’re going to wear a cotton shirt or dress, tie a big knit around your waist. Let the sleek and chunky play off of each other. You’ll be able to walk through a wind tunnel (aka NYC avenues) without looking like a hot mess or freezing your ass off! If you are feeling denim shorts, ditch the sandals and opt for a pair of leather boots instead (my feet are ALWAYS cold in flats and sandals anyway). Sporting a printed sun dress? Throw a denim shirt or motorcycle boots to juxtapose the girliness. Really think about the shapes and and styles you’re using.
Don’t be afraid to get creative!

mixing wardrobes winter to spring spring to summer

For this look, I did just that. March and April in San Diego are sunny, but windy. I knew that as soon as I stepped in the shade, the wind would be chilly. But even with pasty legs, I was itching to throw shorts and a tee on (its been a while!). I decided to go with my all-time favorite sweater – this long, chunky limited edition cardigan I scored at a Zadig & Voltaire sample sale. The glitter details and length of the sweater were perfect for ripped, loose denim shorts and rugged boots. I went with a navy blue tee shirt to break up the the browns from the sweater, boots, and even my bag. However you slice it or dice it, this outfit plays on a variation of fabrics, lengths, and styles.

mixing wardrobes winter to spring spring to summer

mixing wardrobes glasses chain winter to spring

mixing wardrobes winter to spring spring to summer

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