Spring Trend: The Mini Bag

mini purse black studs street style spring style celebrity style


I’m kind of seriously v. obsessed with the mini bag!

Big purses are amazing and super practical, but they’re a huge pain in the ass to carry around.
Am I right?

I recently decided it was time for a new bag – a SMALL one.
It had to be functional, affordable, and obviously still cute.

After watching countless runway shows on Style.com and stumbling on this WhoWhatWear article, I knew I wanted a mini bag.

Since I like to go with basic outfits, I have been really trying to step up my accessories game. Affordable accessories have never been my strong suit, but expensive accessories are currently NOT an option in my life (tear tear). It’s so difficult to decipher what looks cheap and what looks chic. I did keep a a few tips in mind to help me choose:

1. Faux suede and patent leather look more chic than plain faux leather.
There is so much truth in this its not even funny. Someone once told me this about buying cheap shoes and it works for bags too!
2. Try finding unique styles that are not designer inspired
Its hard to be happy with a “Celine inspired” Zara or F21 bag, because lets face it, it will never compare to the real deal.
3. Less is more!
Keep it simple – too many buckles and chains can make the bag look cheap. The mini bag I chose is lined with silver buttons, but they work well with the genuine leather.

mini bag basics white button down and jeans with details

I found this bad boy after being at the mall for two hours. I was in line at Zara with white button down in my hand (ugh, so typical!), but no bag. It’s genuine leather and was $70 (pretty sweet deal). Mini bags are the perfect shape and size for Spring! I love that I have space to actually fit my ginormous iPhone, sunglasses and a few little goodies, without being weighed down.

Below are some of my favorite mini bags for spring!

The yellow patent makes this mini bag look so chic!
mini bag leather mini structured purse

Contrasting colors – PERFECT for spring!
mini bag leather mini structured purse

Love this vinyl mini bag. So 90s!
mini bag vinyl mini structured purse

Mini bag- Bucket style. This is next on my wishlist.
mini bag leather mini structured purse

Keeping it classy with this black and gold mini bag
mini bag leather mini structured purse

Here are some of my favorite celeb street style looks for inspiration:
Kendall stepping into spring with her (not so affordable) mini bag!
Mini Bag Celebrity Style Spring Style Fashion Week Kendall Jenner

Queen Moss rocks it too. (So similar to the Zara one I posted!)
Mini bagCelebrity Style Spring Style Fashion Week Kate Moss

Giovanna Battaglia is one of my all time favorite style icons.
Mini bag Celebrity Style Spring Style Fashion Week Giovanna Battaglia

LOVE the play on girly/tomboy by Jamie King
Mini bag Celebrity Style Spring Style Fashion Week Jamie King

What do you guys think of the mini bag? How do you ladies go about finding affordable accessories that don’t look cheap?


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