Metallic Inspiration


Arta Fact #5: Metallics are Fierce, Fun, Feminine, and Totally Bad Ass


I took this photo in Lake Tahoe a little while back. The black and gold veins in the sand created by the slightest little ripple in the water were impossible to recreate through a picture, but I do love the different textures, patterns, and colors this photo captures.

Sand in Lake Tahoe

Metallics are my favorite. For those of us who stick to traditional neutrals like black, grey, beige and white, metallics can really take your outfit to the next level. They’re feminine and fun, but still cool, outspoken, and badass. I even love how they mesh with bold colors like red, royal or navy blue, and olive.

Warmer tones work better for me so gold and bronze are usually my jam. However, I’m a really strong believer in mixing metallics, if done right. I started looking through old editorials online for inspiration. Below are some of my favorites!

Gold3 Gold
Gold7 Gold6
Lindsay Adler Gold Metallic Inspiration


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