Kaleidoscope Hair

mermaid hair kaleidoscope hair

Kaleidoscope hair, Mermaid hair, and Rainbow hair are for the especially brave.

At least I thought, until the biggest hair chicken (ME) got a new do! Some people are extremely courageous when it comes to cutting and coloring their hair and some people are — well — like me! (The OLD me, I should say)

I’ve never been too ballsy when it comes to my hair. I ONCE did a dramatic short bob in high school. Aside from that, the craziest I’ve done is some blonde ombre. I like ombre not only because its super cute, but its also incredibly low maintenance.

This project kind of fell on my lap and I am incredibly thankful it did. Natalie Pittman, an awesome San Diego stylist reached out about collaborating on a project. She needed a hair model and I needed a change.

As soon as I heard “vivid colors”, I must have tried to cancel/reschedule my appointment at least 4 times until I decided to stop being such a baby. Big change is scary and I really had no idea what it would turn out like. Overall, she used 6 different colors and it ended up looking pretty freaking AWESOME!

Natalie used Joico colors in my hair. I had never heard of them before, but I trusted her even more after learning about the brand. Joico uses vegetable-based dyes that do not damage your hair. In an industry where so many products are made with bleach and chemicals, Joico has made a huge effort to be environmentally conscious. They use eco-friendly containers, have invested money into setting up wind turbines, and even have a carbon offset program. This company is seriously amazing. Any stylist who cares about what they’re putting in clients’ hair and the environment are an A+ in my book. So ladies – if you’re going to go crazy with your hair, do a little research. What products will your stylist be using? What chemicals are in these products? An amazing stylist using poor quality products will damage your hair. A stylist is only as good as the products she uses!

mermaid hair kaleidoscope hair

Check out the video Natalie’s team put together. This was SUCH a fun experience – I highly recommend to anyone. If you’re in the San Diego area and looking for a stylist – Natalie’s your girl! Tell her Arta sent you 🙂

Overall, I LOVED the experience. Natalie made me feel really comfortable and it was a lot less scary than I anticipated. If you are thinking about dying your hair/are too chicken to do so, here are a few take-aways from my experience:

1. Confidence makes ANY hair style look great.

I was so nervous about how the color would look on me, I almost missed the chance to embrace the change. It turned out a lot more pink than I expected – which is totally not my color. However, the one thing that really changed how I felt about my hair was hearing people say “Wow, you are super confident!” While I didn’t feel confident AT ALL when getting this done, it made me really embrace the change. The more you enjoy your new do, the better it will look!

2. It’s just HAIR!

I will never be afraid to try something new with my hair ever again. Facing your fears at its finest. If you’re scared to mess with your hair, try something new just for the sake of it. If you hate it, you can dye it back or grow it out. I will definitely be trying new things with my locks this summer and even plan on adding another color in once falls comes back around 🙂 And seriously guys, its been 3 weeks and its almost all washed out. When I say temporary, I MEAN IT!

3. Pink will never be my color

I had SO much fun with this experience and really enjoyed the colors in my hair, but if I were to do this again I would choose blues/jade/purple instead of pink. I love the way Natalie blended the colors and totally put me outside of my comfort zone, but the experience also gave me a better idea of what colors I would like more.

3. Hair Styling is everything

This could just be my personal opinion/my own hair, but I felt like my hair ALWAYS needed to be blowdried or curled with an iron after I dyed it. My natural hair just didn’t do the color justice. On the bright side, my hair has been more done up since I’ve dyed it than ever before. I like it. I’ve noticed when hair is done/blow dried, it makes even jeans and a tee shirt look great.

mermaid hair kaleidoscope hair

mermaid hair kaleidoscope hair

mermaid hair kaleidoscope hair


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  1. I love it and it looks beautiful on you. It really suits you and I love the color combo. I do color my hair but I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to do all those colors, I’m kinda boring….Haha I’m also not sure it could look very nice with my naturally curly hair. Overall, it looks fantastic and really great tips!

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