Styling Leather Slippers: The Gucci Look for Less

Slides, slippers, mules, slip-ons – whatever you want to call them – have been by far one of my favorite trends lately. Gucci’s release of their leather slippers ultimately set the trend into full swing and it’s been going strong since. Thank you, FASHUN! I’m all about keeping things casual & cool and leather slippers do just that. I mean, come on, how awesome is it to leave the house in slippers?

Although I’m obsessed with the Gucci Princetown slippers, I was really excited to find a real leather pair on sale at Zara for $20. Nothing says score like a 98% discount! My Zara leather slippers are simple, cute, and super comfy – I couldn’t pass them up.

styling gucci fur leather slippers slides loafers jbrand

Styling My Leather Slippers

Slippers are surprisingly really easy to style; they go with pretty much everything (as long as you keep it casual). This season, you’ll find them just about everywhere, which gives a huge variety in price points. I love that they’re not as girly as a flat, yet a little more stylish than adidas slippers, per-se.

I styled my leather slippers with cropped white jeans, a light sweater, and a black bomber. The beige, white, & black combo is one of my favorite neutral color palettes to play with.

styling gucci fur leather slippers slides loafers bomber styling gucci fur leather slippers slides loafers street style styling gucci fur leather slippers street style

 Photography by James Obes


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