Whites & Browns at Goose Island Migration Week at Bracero

goose island migration week bracero eater san diego

Last night, a good friend of mine invited Ramsey and I to the Goose Island Migration Week event at one of my absolute favorite restaurants in San Diego – Bracero!
Bracero is a San Diego gem. It was opened by the amazing Javier Plascencia, who is best known for his Baja-Mediterranean cuisine and has a ton of amazing restaurants in Tijuana we have been dying to try! We had the pleasure of chatting with Javier last night, who actually told us he is planning on getting bus tours together – taking foodies from San Diego to Mexico with stops at all of his restaurants. Talk about the INSIDE SCOOP!

Migration Week is such a cool concept (I’m a huge sucker for creative brand campaigns!). They work with amazing chefs and restaurants to bring foodies and beer lovers together with unique beers and tasties. You can actually sign up for a chance to attend your local city’s Goose Island Migration Week event! Pretty awesome.

The event started at 7 and I got stuck in INSANE traffic coming home from work, so I had about 10 minutes to pick and outfit and do my makeup. I am forever in a rush! When I don’t know what to wear, I usually can always count on monochrome. I LOVE white jeans – in the winter and the summer. I don’t believe the memorial/labor day rule at all. Rules are meant to be broken and there are just too many cute options to limit your wardrobe because of something someone said once upon a time. Don’t forget your style is a reflection of who YOU are, so you really don’t ever have to listen to anyone’s opinion.
DWFR – Do Whatever Feels Right.

I went with an off-white neoprene top from Zara (similar here) and my J Brand raw hem ripped white jeans. I have been really loving raw hem denim lately. I also wore these beautiful Dolce Vita booties I scored for my birthday earlier this month (thanks Mom!). I’ve been looking for a pair of transitional booties for a little while now. I only own ridiculously high heels, so a 3-5″ heel was an important staple missing from my closet. These in particular match with pretty much everything- black, brown, beige, white.
goose island migration bracero eater san diego

The menu for last night brought to you by Eater. A lot of really unique dishes. The beers are in “quotes” above each menu item. My favorite beer was the Bourbon County Stout. Apparently, people camp outside of liquor stores for this beer, so I felt pretty honored to be getting it for free at a really nice restaurant!
goose island migration week bracero eater san diego

The “Offally” Good Taco was delicious. This was definitely my favorite of the tasties.
goose island migration week bracero eater san diego

Scallop Crudo. Raw scallops juxaposed with strawberries and uni – SUCH an interesting mix and major props on the creativity.
goose island migration week bracero eater san diego

Crispy Braised Beef Tongue. I’m not an adventurous meat eater, but I did give this a try. My boyfriend ate both mine and his, so I think it was good – just not for me!
goose island migration week bracero eater san diego

The Bourbon County Stout and Torta de Melaza were a match made in heaven. So rich and delicious.
goose island migration week bracero eater san diego

When you’re friends with the event manager, sometimes you need to do a little hand modeling after dinner 😛
goose island migration week bracero eater san diego

Not going to lie- I made myself a PB&J when I got home, but not because I didn’t enjoy the food! Lately, my stomach has been a black hole. All in all, it was an amazing night filled with delicious food I would never have the balls to order and good booze I will definitely order again (but not camp out for).

Stay tuned for my next adventure!

xx, AF

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