Glasses Chain: The TBT Accessory Making a Comeback

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If you’re like me, you wear your sunglasses everywhere you go. But every time your hair gets stuck in the nose piece, they fall out from your shirt collar, or they get a scratch from being thrown in your bag – it’s SUPER annoying!

The answer has been right by the check out isle of the super market all along – the glasses chain!

Lets make this very clear -we all know the glasses chain has never sexy, per se. If you had a one as a kid, you couldn’t wait to ditch it. If you didn’t, you probably laughed at the kids who did. Having a ridiculous army-green string hanging from ear to ear as a kid made me feel like a total dweeb and I never thought I would miss having one.

They first came back into my life when I met Ramsey. He legit took me out on our first date with his glasses chain on! (He is one of the most confident people I know! I love that about him 🙂 ) I hadn’t seen anyone using a glasses chain in FOREVER and he swore by it. At first I laughed and teased him a bit, but two years later, I NEEDED one in my life. You could make memes about me pulling my hair out of the nose piece of my ray bans while his sunnies are straight up chilling around his neck.

But seriously guys, I was not ready to settle for another army green shoe string. Enter into my life, Sintillia, the brand who heard my prayers! They’ve done such an awesome job taking an outdated accessory and bringing it back to life. The styles are all really cute and insanely affordable. For me, the hardest part was deciding which one to pick! I eenie-meenie-miney-moed between my two favorites, e-swiped, and that was that. I ended up with the Bermuda chain.

mixing wardrobes glasses chain winter to spring

The idea is so brilliant. Practical, efficient, and so undeniably cute! It’s one of those things you don’t know you need, until you actually have it. Then you can’t remember what life was like before it aka when you fall in love.

I was also really excited to see NY Times Fashion post this photo on Instagram of Cassie rocking a glasses chain at Coachella (Spring/Summer trend alert?!)

Get ahead of the trend and use promo code: THEARTAFACTS for 15% off at Sintillia!

mixing wardrobes glasses chain winter to spring

Also follow @TheArtaFacts on Insta to see all the ways I style these bad boys!

What do you guys think of this trend?

glasses chain

xx, AF

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