New York Fashion Week Styling Tips

Every February, thousands of women (and men) flock the streets of NYC dressed in ridiculous, chic, and trendy outfits for New York Fashion Week. Whether its your first Fashion Week or your tenth, planning your looks can be nerve wrecking. Growing up in NYC (and having my college campus 2 blocks from Lincoln center), I’ve had the luxury of seeing the street style looks for years on end and even working as an assistant photographer at some of the shows one year. And although the trends change each season, there are some styling rules that hold true forever. I’ve compiled the top 5 New York Fashion Week styling tips below. I hope you find them helpful! If you happen to implement any, hashtag #artafacts in your photos so I can check them out!

1. Layer Up

Aside from being a great way to keep warm, layers add dimension to your look. Every single year, there are both shows and street style looks that incorporate tons of layers. Check out my Fashion Week layering on Public Desire’s blog, along with my top 10 list of Fashion Week essentials here! The more layers, the better!

2. Accessorize

Since your look will likely be hiding underneath your coat, try adding some accessories. This means anything from funky sunnies to a cool bag to statement earrings. Make sure to have fun with it and let your personality show. Fashion Week is one time a year you can wear completely outrageous things and get away with it (perhaps even get photographed by a street style photog)

3. Rock a Statement Coat

Speaking of coats, make sure yours stand out! Like I said before, most of your outfits will be covered by a coat so make sure to bring a few that really stand out. Puffers, trenches, faux fur, and checks and plaids are all great options.

4. Add Bold Shoes

Shoe details are all the rage every Fashion Week. Make sure they’re comfortable, but also go for something out of the ordinary. Some trends that are big every year are metallics, unique heels, and fun embellishments. If you’re looking for new shoes for your NYFW looks, check out Public Desire for affordable and trendy options.

5. Embrace Color 

Black is the new black, right? While you might love black as much as I do, Fashion Week is a time to break out some of your more colorful options. Pink, red, yellow, and green are usually heavy hitters this week. Another tip? Don’t be afraid to color block! It’s usually all over the runway shows and equally as popular on the streets.



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  1. Hi Arta, I love being fashionable and your blog is amazing.Trying accessories with a black coat looks really awesome and adding bold shoes on this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing and keep posting.

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