DIY Matchstick Jar

DIY Match jar match box jar gift matches


Matches are way under rated.

They are fun to light, clean the air, and make for a great DIY project. When I saw this DIY Matchstick Jar all over pinterest, I fell in love. I’m always in need of last minute gifts and really love personalization, but don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to detailed projects. I decided to try this one out as a gift to MYSELF 🙂

Matchstick jars are a really neat alternative to lighters – a bit harder to steal and way cuter! I’ve seen mini ones made for the bathroom and as a gift set. A few other ideas are as wedding favors, small holiday gifts, and any sort of party favor. If you are looking for an adorable, affordable gift that is super easy to personalize, this is it!

DIY Matchstick jar matchstick box jar gift matches

Here is what you will need:
– A Jar (I used an old jam jar. Michael’s has some really cute ones if you want to get fancy)
– A Big Ol’ Box of Matches (from the grilling section of your local grocery store)
– Scissors
– Gorilla Glue/Crazy Glue

1. If you are recycling a jar, start by washing it and taking off the label. Make sure it’s completely dried before adding the striker.
2. Cut a piece of the striker off of the matchstick box.
3. Apply Gorilla Glue to the jar and the back of the striker. Place anywhere on the jar
4. Allow to dry and fill with matches!

DIY Matchstick jar match box jar gift matches

If I were to make this as a gift for someone else, I would definitely spend more time with the details. I found some really creative and unique ideas I absolutely love!

Wedding Favor DIY Match Jars!

Bathroom DIY Match Jar

I love the subtly of the striker on this one!

Happy crafting! 

xx, AF 

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