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Distressed denim is no longer a blast from your Abercrombie past. Denim’s actually been very distressed these days. (I would be too if I was that popular :P) Since I grew up wearing ripped jeans (ripped anything, really), this trend doesn’t quite feel like a “come back” to me. Still, I’ll take it!

I love the edginess and worn in feeling of distressed denim; they add character to any look. Ripped jeans and raw hems have been spotted everywhere lately, so it was really refreshing to find this one off oversized ripped denim jacket from Trendy & Tipsy. Owning anything one-of-a-kind is a winner in my book. There’s just something so special bout it.

distressed denim jacket trendy & tipsy

My Distressed Denim Look

I told you I like ripped denim, right? Did I mention how much? I paired my denim jacket with ripped black skinnies. Now you know how committed I am to this trend. Not only that, but my jeans are from Abercrombie! Blast from the past 🙂 Their much needed rebrand came with some great fitting jeans.

I tied in a grey wool hat, leather chain purse, band tee, leather belt, and black suede booties. I’m not going to lie, something about this look made me feel so cool (ha, because I’m actually a dork IRL). Maybe its because my jacket, shirt, AND belt were from Trendy & Tipsy!

Mixing black and blue denim is not only appropriate, it is encouraged! This is one of my favorite combinations and a great way to get away with a not-so-in-your-face Canadian tuxedo.

[Use code ‘theartafacts’ for 15% off at Trendy & Tipsy]

distressed denim jacket urban outfitters distressed denim jacket jeans distressed denim jacket

Photography by Meredith James



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