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Levis Denim Skirt NastyGal Vintage

You know I love me some good denim. There’s no room for discrimination when choosing – overalls, shorts, bell bottoms – I love ’em all. My latest obsession has been my NastyGal vintage Levi’s denim skirt. I seriously can’t stop wearing it! Why does it have to look so cute with everything?! While skirts are a little girlier than my usual wardrobe, the denim adds some edge and helps mesh with my personal style (aka denim all day every day).

The Skinny on The Denim Skirt

Where did the denim skirt even come from? Ever thought of that? Apparently the hippies in the 60’s thought it would be cool to un-seam their jeans and turn them into long skirts. Aside from giving me ammo to love hippies even more than I already do, those tree huggers forever built a foundation and name for the denim skirt in the fashion industry. As decades went by, it went from maxi to midi, midi to mini, and eventually a micro mini in the 2000s during X-tina’s dirrty phase. After falling under the radar for a few years, I’m so excited its creeping back into style. Last year, we saw top bloggers Amy Song and Chiara Ferragni sporting one, among many others. Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin were also spotted model-off-duty-ing with their denim minis.

My Look

I found my Levi’s denim skirt at NastyGal for $78 – a pretty fair price for a staple piece. The skirt is part of their After Party vintage collection so I actually ordered like 3 different sizes to find the right fit.

I most recently wore my mini for a day trip to Julian with Rams. I styled it with stockings, a wide brim hat, and my new favorite chunky sweater because, well, winter. Throwing a jacket on over that big ass sweater was no easy task, but I did it because I wasn’t about to freeze my buns off. All for the love of my denim skirt.

My look is pretty girly here, but I love that you can really gear the skirt towards any style. I’m rocking it with my adidas and a graphic tee for more of an everyday go-to look.

Do you own a denim skirt? What’s your favorite way to style it?

Levis Denim Skirt NastyGal Vintage Forever21

Levis Denim Skirt NastyGal Vintage Julian, CA

Levis Denim Skirt NastyGal Vintage

chunky knit kendall and kylie wide hat

Levis Denim Skirt NastyGal Vintage Kendall and Kylie Sweater

Levis Denim Skirt NastyGal Vintage Winter Fashion

Levis Denim Skirt NastyGal Vintage Chunky knit kendall jenner


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