Where to Find Affordable Workout Clothes

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Getting geared up for the gym is about half as important as getting your workout in. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’ve been at it for a while, feeling good in your workout clothes definitely matters. But lets be real… gym clothes can be expensive! For a while, I almost felt like it was a “hobby” I couldn’t afford to keep up with. I was also under the false impression that affordable workout clothes weren’t high quality or stylish.

Wrong wrong wrong!

While I LOVE Lululemon, my wallet is super stoked to have found other brands that are both quality and cute! Shopping for fitness gear has basically become an incentive to go work out now! 🙂

Lets be real here..How many days a week can you manage to look cute at them gym when a pair of leggings is $70 and a sports bra $50? Not very many in my book. Fortunately enough, affordable workout clothes do exist and guess what? They’re also both stylish and LASTING.

I’ve gotten great stuff from so many places – Marhsall’s, Haute Look, and even at Nordstrom Rack. However, my favorite of these places is Forever21. Discount retailers aren’t always consistent in their styles or prices and its sometimes too much of a gamble. I feel like I can always count on Forever21 because of their prices, styles, and quality. Check out my top 3 reasons for loving Forever21 workout clothes!

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Forever21 is the Queen of affordable and trendy. Sometimes I do score on really bomb clothes at Marshall’s, but I’ve also left with nothing or an item I didn’t love. Style is a biggie for me and I don’t want affordable to mean tacky. Forever21 has really cute styles and so much variety, you’re bound to find something that works for your look.

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The most important thing for me is quality. Who wants to worry about giving the entire gym a show every time they squat? Not this chick. Very peeved by see through leggings; they should be illegal! Thankfully, every single one of my F21 leggings have passed the squat test. Just bring a few to the fitting room and double check for yourself!  affordable workout clothes fitness forever21 affordable workout clothes forever21


You simply can’t beat it. With leggings for under $35 and sports bras under $25, there’s really no argument here. You can get an entire ensemble for the same price you’d get a pair of leggings at a high end fitness store.

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  1. Dear Arta,
    I totally agree with your opinion on affordable workout clothing. These clothes offer the same phenomenal quality and texture as any expensive workout clothing, however, on a very inexpensive price. You perfectly summed up their features so props to you for that. Stay Blessed!.

  2. Well, The workout clothes actually look cute, Its not always that you have to look like a fitness freak, You can always maintain your down identity and clothes can tell a lot about you. SO Being a fitness freak you can still look cute.

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