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Arta Fact #8: The secret to healthier skin and hair is in the simple switch of a shower head!

I am always on the go; its been my life for as long as I can remember. With work all day, going to the gym at night, and busting my butt on the blog all weekend, I don’t have the time or energy to be high-maintenance; I barely have time for my boyfriend! Practicality and efficiency are my favorite words and I am a sucker for simple products that really do make life that much easier.

Before moving to California, I was so sure that the beach water and vitamin D would give my skin a natural glow and my hair some beautiful beach babe waves. My dermatologist even told me I would stop using all the products he prescribed me once I left New York City. It’s so funny how far off our perceptions of reality are sometimes 🙂 My hair and skin have been fighting me since I got here. But I’m not one to back down. It was time to collect ammo, fire back, and show my body who’s really boss.

The more I researched, the more I realized…its what we need everyday, what keeps us alive, and most importantly, what makes New York City pizza and bagels the best in the world..the water

Such a “duh” moment! Turns out the filtered water from our showers and sinks contain a crap-ton of chlorine, fluoride, and other minerals that are not so great for your skin or hair. Is it just me or should more people be talking about this?!

The great thing is, there’s a really easy fix! Lo and behold – the filtered shower head. The first one I found was on Sephora. A T3 Filtered Shower Head for $130. I was honestly impressed by the mountain of amazing reviews, but not so much by the price. Fast forward to another hour of research, endless amazon reviews, and one awesome final product. The brand is Culligan and the magic number is $30. The filter lasts two months longer than the T3 and they are pretty much the exact same thing. Aside from the cute, purple jewel and slightly sleeker design, they seem pretty similar. The set up is really fast and simple, no muscle man or hefty tools needed! Unscrew old shower head, screw on new shower head, run hot water for a minute.

T3 Filtered Shower Head Culligan Filtered Shower Head

I’ve been using this product now for about 2 weeks and I can see significant improvements in different areas:
– Fewer Blackheads
– Less cystic acne
– Smoother skin
– Softer, Silkier, less frizzy hair
– Less oily roots = more body showers!
– No brittle ends

Finally, I don’t have to hide my curls!

It will solve the problem you never knew you had. If you care about your skin and hair, try it now, thank me later.

Let me know what you think! xx


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