CLASSIC AF | 4 Reasons A Black Turtleneck Is Necessary For Spring

Spring is officially here and I’m SO ready to do away with my winter wardrobe. Swapping out thick sweaters and coats for lighter alternatives is one of my favorite ways to say goodbye to colder seasons. While you’re fingers might be itching to tear your closet apart and bid thee farewell to you’re winter loves, there are a few items you should consider keeping in your spring spillover pile. A black turtleneck is on the top of this list. You can find one in my closet staples 3 out of the 4 seasons. Below are some reasons a black turtleneck is an essential part of my wardrobe this spring.

1. Layers 

Think of your black turtleneck as a vessel to wear your spring tops pre-maturely. This actually recently happened to me in San Fran. I was dying to wear my off the shoulder top, but it was way too cold and windy out. I knew I’d be freezing. Adding in my BTN underneath not only enabled me to wear my OTS top, but it added layers and dimension to my look. Scroll down to see how how blogger Christine Andrew from Hello Fashion layered her two piece set with a turtleneck. The possibilities are endless when layering this hot spring item.

2. Ditch the Jacket

I love spring and fall because you get to whip out all your fun coats, but sometimes its a pain in the ass to hold so many things. Swapping your tee and coat for a black turtleneck means one less piece of clothing to worry about! This also helps a lot when going out at night. I hate coat checking my jacket and equally hate carrying it, so a black turtleneck is my solution. Does that make me lazy or efficient AF? Either way, I’m not mad about it!

3. Vitamin D For Those Pasty Legs 

So by the time spring comes around, my legs are usually fiending for some vitamin D. Still, it usually isnt warm enough to go balls to the wall shorts and tank top just yet. A black turtleneck is a great option for balancing out a skirt or shorts when your leggies just can’t seem to wait any longer.

4. Dress It Up or Down

This goes back to point 2. You can wear a black turtleneck in the day time or at night when going out. It’s such a versatile piece and takes up minimal space in your closet. This makes it ideal for traveling too. Wear your black turtleneck with jeans and slippers (my latest obsession) or layer it under a silk dress or leather skirt so some major chicness. It works, it works, it works.

My Black Turtle Neck Look

I styled my black turtleneck with a leather skirt, fishnets, a wool hat, and black booties. I shot this look in NYC, so all black was a natural fit. Lets be honest though, I wear all black no matter where I go :). I also chose this look because I had plans for the night, so it was an easy outfit to transition from day to night. All I had to do was ditch the hat and touch up my makeup!


Favorite Black Turtleneck Looks

I’m going to start including some of my favorite looks on here to give you guys extra styling ideas. Always feel free to reach out to me with styling questions, too! More than happy to help. Check out some of my favorite looks below.

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