How To Start Working Out

  4 Steps That Will Help Get You In The Gym Why is it so difficult to start working out and so easy to stop? Being fit has always been a dream – albeit a distant one. I never played sports growing up so my athletic discipline has always been.. nonexistent to say the least. Something about being dedicated to […]

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Kaleidoscope Hair

mermaid hair kaleidoscope hair

Kaleidoscope hair, Mermaid hair, and Rainbow hair are for the especially brave. At least I thought, until the biggest hair chicken (ME) got a new do! Some people are extremely courageous when it comes to cutting and coloring their hair and some people are — well — like me! (The OLD me, I should say) I’ve never been too ballsy […]

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DIY Matchstick Jar

DIY Match jar match box jar gift matches

  Matches are way under rated. They are fun to light, clean the air, and make for a great DIY project. When I saw this DIY Matchstick Jar all over pinterest, I fell in love. I’m always in need of last minute gifts and really love personalization, but don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to detailed projects. I […]

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Coconut Oil as a Moisturizer

coconut oil as a moisturizer unrefined shiny skin dry skin

  Coconut oil has been the talk of the town for a while now. Multi-functional products make me excited. Efficiency and practicality are two words you will see me coming back to quite often. From cooking with it to eating it by the spoonful, oil pulling to using it as a hair serum – the options with coconut oil are […]

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Zara Activewear Collection

  Zara Activewear Collection Price, variety, and diversity are some of the key players when deciding my favorite stores. You can’t imagine how stokes I was this morning when I found out about the launch of Zara’s Activewear Collection!! At first glance its minimal, yet still trendy. I am obsessed with the overall color scheme – black, grey, and white […]

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Clearer Skin, Silkier Hair

  Arta Fact #8: The secret to healthier skin and hair is in the simple switch of a shower head! I am always on the go; its been my life for as long as I can remember. With work all day, going to the gym at night, and busting my butt on the blog all weekend, I don’t have the […]

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