Where to Find Affordable Workout Clothes

affordable workout clothes forever21 nike

Getting geared up for the gym is about half as important as getting your workout in. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’ve been at it for a while, feeling good in your workout clothes definitely matters. But lets be real… gym clothes can be expensive! For a while, I almost felt like it was a “hobby” I couldn’t afford […]

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3 Tips and Exercises on How To Get Abs

how to get abs

You’re reading this post thinking, “Damn, I really want to get abs”. Although abs can be a little hard to see sometimes, everyone has them! Yes, you 😉 With proper nutrition and working out, yours too will slowly make their way to the front stage. I’m not here to give you the big secret or gimmick, it doesn’t exist. Getting your […]

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How To Start Working Out

  4 Steps That Will Help Get You In The Gym Why is it so difficult to start working out and so easy to stop? Being fit has always been a dream – albeit a distant one. I never played sports growing up so my athletic discipline has always been.. nonexistent to say the least. Something about being dedicated to […]

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Zara Activewear Collection

  Zara Activewear Collection Price, variety, and diversity are some of the key players when deciding my favorite stores. You can’t imagine how stokes I was this morning when I found out about the launch of Zara’s Activewear Collection!! At first glance its minimal, yet still trendy. I am obsessed with the overall color scheme – black, grey, and white […]

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