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black bodysuit style denim shorts


Every woman needs a black bodysuit

There’s something about a bodysuit that is just too damn good. Simple, elegant, sexy. It’s return has by far been one of my favorite comeback trends. I sported a white one on my shoot with Nesha a while back. I’ve also purchased a striped one since. But today, we’re going to be addressing the holy grail of all, the black bodysuit.

Its simply..perfect

First off, the styling limits are infinite. I mean, lets face it, you can wear a black bodysuit with pretty much anything. But something about adding denim in the mix makes me weak in the knees. They’re both classics. Shorts, high waited mom jeans, overalls, low rise flare..even a denim skirt (on my need-to-buy-yesterday list). The ruggedness of the denim perfectly downplays the femininity of a bodysuit. Whether its with heels, boots, or flats. the look just WORKS.

#AFStyleTip: Black bodysuit + denim = made made in heaven

I recently scored this lace up black number from TopShop for $30. The lace up adds a little extra flare and I like that the cotton is thicker. All for going braless, but quality fabric is a must. My favorite part… there are button snaps on the bottom. YAASSSS QUEEN Bodysuits with snaps are an automatic win. There is seriously nothing worse than being in a public bathroom stall and having to completely strip down just to pee. Ladies, you know what I’m saying!

This piece is so simple, styling it is pretty much like having a blank canvas. I kept it minimal with denim shorts and white converse. My straw hat not only looked great with my outfit, but hid my messy hair and protected me from the sun! The heat in San Diego was REAL today! Not sure if I prefer the suffocating and smelly humid air of an NYC summer day or the dry, scorching desert heat in Cali (black bodysuit approved for both occasions!)

How do you guys feel about bodysuits???

xx, AF

How to style a black bodysuit body suit

black bodysuit body suit topshop

black bodysuit style denim shorts

topshop tie up black bodysuit

white converse hammock black bodysuit

back bodysuit body suit white converse

black bodysuit hat denim shorts

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