Best Plant Shops in San Francisco

One of my favorite things about San Francisco is the greenery. While I loved living in NYC, to say there was a lack of greenery is an understatement. They don’t call it the concrete jungle for nothing! In SF, there are trees and plants everywhere; it makes me so happy.

Obviously with a culture that appreciated greenery so much, you’d expect there would be some rad plant shops in San Francisco. Yes, yes there are.

Below are a few of my favorite !

1. Flora Grubb Gardens

This is my absolute favorite plant shop in the city! I practically LIVE here. Its so beautiful and massive, perfect for exploring. The staff is soo knowledgable, I always leave learning something new. For how trendy it seems, the prices are actually affordable for the most part. Some of their planters can be on the pricier side.

Also, there’s a Ritual Coffee inside (& yes, they have OAT MILK!!) and lots of benches, so even if you want to just window shop, this is the place to do it.

2. Cole Hardware – Cole Valley 

So unassuming, but this place is the best! You walk through a regular hardware store to a mini plant oasis in the back of the shop. The selection is small, but strong and I almost always leave with at least something. The chick that works the nursery is super bad ass and extremely knowledgable. Plus one my favorite things about this place is that they’ll pot your new plant baby for free!

3. Clement Nursery 

While I mostly go to Flora Grubb and Cole Hardware, I like to pop into Clement Nursery from time to time because its just so dreamy! I haven’t ever actually bought a plant from here, but I’ve window shopped a ton. The indoor/outdoor setup makes it perfect for strolling!

4. Hortica 

Hortica is your perfect little neighborhood plant shop. It’s shop and selection isnt huge, but you can occassionally find some gems there.

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