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Not all water is created equal. Whether you’re drinking it or washing your face, the type of water you use makes a big difference. I’ve touched base on this in the past, if you remember my post on filtered shower heads and why they’re so important. Today I’ll be sharing my love affair and current obsession with pH balanced water.

All drinking water ranges in pH levels. Quick 5th grade recap: there’s a pH scale of 0 – 14, 0 being acid and 14 being alkaline. Natural water has a pH balance of 7, which is in line with our body’s natural pH of 7.4. Because we don’t generally have access to natural water, we rely on bottled, filtered, and tap water which tend to run acidic. It was only in the last few years that brands like Core Hydration introduced pH balanced bottled water. There are many other brands new bottles water brands like Smart Water and Essentia, but I like Core because it isn’t too alkaline or acid. It runs at about a 7.4 pH, just like your body.

Let’s be real, other water isn’t necessarily going to kill you. But, my opinion is that if you’re making an effort to drink lots of water and hydrate your body, you might as well drink the good stuff and get the full benefits! Let’s get into why pH water is so good for you…

Benefits of pH Balanced Water

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All water does technically hydrate you. However, the minerals in pH balanced water are more easily absorbed by your body. Also,it doesn’t have impurities and contaminants that you’ll find in tap water and most other bottled waters. This means you’re getting the most out of the aqua you’re drinking, which ultimately equals more hydration.

pH balanced water core hydration benefits


There are a lot of factors that cause our body’s natural pH levels to shift from alkaline to acid. High acid diets, stress, and environmental toxins (like pollution) are just a few. The shift comes with side effects like low energy, fatigue, irritability, headaches, and recurring infections. Being that our bodies are made up of about 80% water, infusing them with water that isn’t acidic can help balance internal pH levels.

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A balanced pH means less getting sick! If you read my post on how to naturally cure a cold, you’d know that your body is trying to restore its pH levels when fighting off a cold. pH balanced water can help speed up the process of getting better. It’s said that many illnesses thrive in acidic environments. Drinking pH balanced water can strengthen your immune system and help prevent sickness.

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pH balanced water core hydration alkalize pH balanced water core hydration

Special thanks to Core for the water!

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