The Accessory of the Season | The Beret

For years, wide brim hats have crushed any other hat trend looking to take the spotlight. While I do love mine, I am so stoked to see a classic (and definitely more practical) accessory step back into the spotlight. Enter the beret.


The beret first came about in Spain and France in the 18th century. It was mostly worn by men as a part of their military uniforms. Lol. Who would have thought it would be front and center at Dior’s runway show – 3 centuries later?! For a long time, berets were strictly associated with looking like a Frenchie. Fashion steered clear. However, since Dior’s SS’18 show a few months back and the fact that basically every celeb, blogger, and model have been seen wearing one, they’ve been a hot topic. So cute, inexpensive, versatile, and easy to pull off. The best part is that they’re way easier to travel with than wide brim hats! Sign me up.

Styling A Beret

For such a simple hat, the beret suits everyone. Whether your hair is long or short, blonde or brown, curly or straight, it always works. Hey, don’t forget that men even wore them way before women did! Your beret look will depend on 1. how far down you pull it and 2. where you place it on your head. If your into beanies, style it about halfway over your ears and pull it backwards. You can also rock it all the way over your ears so there isnt much room to let it hang. Play with covering just the top of your head or even start behind your hair line and cover the back of your head.

It could just be my new hair, but I was definitely feeling a little French in my beret. I pulled mine down just over the top of my head and let it hang to the side. Let’s just say everyone I encountered was saying, “Bonjour” to me instead of “Hi”.  I opted for a red beret because my outfits tend to be very neutral in color. This was the perfect way for me to incorporate a pop of color into my look. I also saw a millennial pink one I might have to snag!

For this look, I added lace cami and wide leg gingham trousers. A wool coat, dark sunnies, and my sock booties finished this look off. For a more casual look, I’ve worn my beret with a black turtleneck or a simple tee shirt and skinny jeans. Its such a cute touch to any look!

I want to see your beret looks! If you try this trend make sure to post a pic using #artafacts !


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