30 Day Challenge

I am SO excited to bring you guys my first 30 Day Challenge! I created this (from scratch!) because I needed a challenge for myself, to keep myself accountable and on track for a month straight, without taking up too much of my day. As much as I’d love to dedicate an hour+ to working on my #summerbod, I just don’t have that time lately.

Below is a link to a downloadable version of the challenge so you can access it more easily. Please feel free to send me pictures, videos, or anything else you want. I will try to post daily videos on my Instagram of my workout (@artafacts). Lets help each other stay accountable! I encourage you all to take before and after pictures! Lastly, HAVE FUN! It’s going to be challenging, but it will also be a tiny fraction of your day and will help YOU in the long run.

Lets do this!!