3 Tips and Exercises on How To Get Abs

how to get abs

You’re reading this post thinking, “Damn, I really want to get abs”. Although abs can be¬†a little hard to see sometimes, everyone has them! Yes, you ūüėČ With proper nutrition and working out, yours too will slowly make their way to the front stage. I’m not here to give you the big secret or gimmick, it doesn’t exist. Getting your abs to show¬†comes down to discipline and persistence.

After experimenting concepts I researched, working out¬†with Ramsey regularly, and getting some face time¬†with personal trainer Ross Johnston, ¬†I’m here to share my findings. Everyone’s body type is different, but these tips will put you in the right direction. I put together 3 tips, as well as 3 awesome workouts I learned with Ross, to help you guys.

How To Get Abs

how to get abs core water

1. Diet & Nutrition

Doing a thousand¬†crunches and sit-ups will strengthen your core, but it won’t necessarily get you visible abs. Being strong and having muscle definition are not one in the same, especially on your belly.¬†Lifting and training build strength, but diet¬†ultimately helps you define¬†your muscles.

Eat clean!¬†Fueling your body with lean¬†protein, whole grains, and lots of greens, fruits, and vegetables is crucial. Dairy and “white” carbs like white pasta, white rice, white breads are your worst enemy. They¬†build belly fat and don’t even provide your body with the proper nutrition. Processed sugar will do the same.¬†The key is finding healthy alternatives¬†you enjoy so you don’t cave.¬†Opting for brown rice instead of white, almond milk instead of 2%, and an apple instead of sour patch kids are great¬†first steps.

Hydrate! Drink lots and lots of water. This will flush your system out and can even help you lose weight. Replacing other beverages with water will reduce your sugar and calorie intake. Can’t stress how important staying hydrated is. My favorite water right now is Core.

how to get abs cardio

2. Cardio

Love it or hate it, cardio is so important. Everyone’s cardio needs are different. If you’re really trying to burn fat, 20-45 minutes of cardio is probably a safe range. If you’re already thin and have a fast metabolism, you may only need 10-20. Again, adjust the time to your personal¬†needs. Don’t be lazy and walk on the slowest setting. Get your ass into gear and SWEAT, baby, SWEAT!

Switch it up. Muscle memory is a real thing. Its important¬†to shock your muscles by trying out different cardio workouts. I usually¬†switch between the stair master (my fave), treadmill, and elliptical. Ill throw in the row machine or bike once in a while, but they’re my least favorite. If you’re more of an outdoor runner, thats amazing too!

how to get abs fitness

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3. Proper Training

Alright, you’ve gotten your eating habits down packed and you’re putting in major sweat equity, now its time to TRAIN that core. When I sat down with trainer Ross Johnston, he taught me about the importance of stabilization workouts. Crunches may work over time, but exercises that require you’re core to stabilize the rest of your¬†body are what will get you the killer abs. “Let your core do what it was designed to do”, Ross kept telling me. Why haven’t I thought of that before?! A plank would be the most basic version of a stabilization workout. We put together a YouTube video below to give you 3 more workouts

Weighted vs. Body Weight Abs. If you’re tummy is flat and you eat clean as a mofo, but you still can’t see your abs, start incorporating weighted ab workouts. I had a hard time explaining this concisely, so I included this awesome video to let someone else do it better ūüôā I like to mix between bodyweight and weighted. If you use too much weight when working out your abs, you will get a thick, blocky (solid as rock) tummy.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions you have!

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