3 Tips for Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

getting out of comfort zone tobi cropped hoodie street style

In fashion and in life, comfort is a fine line. Too much of it will suck your passion and creativity dry, making personal growth nearly impossible. I mean, c’mon, is there anything worse than falling victim to your own comfort zone? Personal growth is uncomfortable, intimidating, and awkward. If it were that easy, we’d all be effing superstars (not that […]

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Chilling in Chambray

chambray dress tobi street style

Like its denim sister, chambray is the best excuse for a colorful neutral. WTF is a colorful neutral, you ask? It isn’t quite any shade of black, white, or brown, but still goes with all of the above. Its basically one of fashion’s greatest contributions to society. While denim has been a huge part of my wardrobe since I could […]

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COLORFUL AF | Rust Is The New Black

rust off the shoulder dress

Although most of us fall victim to wearing black through all four seasons, the warmer weather always serves as an inspiration to swap in some brighter hues. Unfortunately, bright colors can be hard to rock and I usually opt for only a pop of color when adding anything bright into my ootd mix. I was in need for a color lighter than black, but darker than…bright? When I discovered […]

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HEALTHY AF | Lemon Hummus Dressing

Lemon Hummus Dressing Vinegrette

One thing I’ve always hated about salads is the false advertising that usually comes with them. Whether you get one at a restaurant or make it at home, all of the healthy ingredients usually get drenched in pre-made dressing thats like 1,000 calories. Making your own dressing is an easy solution (and a tastier one IMO) when making salads at home. My favorite lately has […]

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Summer Heat | Floral Off The Shoulder Tops

floral off the shoulder tops denim

From button downs to hoodies, off the shoulder tops are one of this year’s hottest items. Aside from displaying your perfectly toned chest and arms, I love the element of showing skin without being too over the top. OTS tops are the perfect mix of edgy and boho, which is basically the epitome of my style. While I love all off the shoulder tops, floral has been on […]

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DENIM 101 | Distressed Denim

distressed denim jacket urban outfitters asos

Distressed denim is no longer a blast from your Abercrombie past. Denim’s actually been very distressed these days. (I would be too if I was that popular :P) Since I grew up wearing ripped jeans (ripped anything, really), this trend doesn’t quite feel like a “come back” to me. Still, I’ll take it! I love the edginess and worn in feeling of distressed denim; […]

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Where to Find Affordable Workout Clothes

affordable workout clothes forever21 nike

Getting geared up for the gym is about half as important as getting your workout in. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’ve been at it for a while, feeling good in your workout clothes definitely matters. But lets be real… gym clothes can be expensive! For a while, I almost felt like it was a “hobby” I couldn’t afford […]

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Your Water Could Be Making You Sick | Benefits of pH Balanced Water

pH balanced water core hydration alkaline

Not all water is created equal. Whether you’re drinking it or washing your face, the type of water you use makes a big difference. I’ve touched base on this in the past, if you remember my post on filtered shower heads and why they’re so important. Today I’ll be sharing my love affair and current obsession with pH balanced water. All drinking water ranges in pH […]

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